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Reggie a Direct Sale Business Partner

My first love in life was food but, unlike most babies, I loved veggie’s over meat unconditionally. My mother and father being my guardian and Angel over my plated items made a lot of things easier to navigate. With my two grandmothers supporting my love for vegetables. I also learned how different everything could taste from their gardens. Raw vs cooked, seasoned vs unseasoned, ripe vs unripe, and in their care, I’ve learned all that and more becoming an autodidact with my diet. Since then, I became a liver transplant recipient at the age of 12, a cancer survivor at the age of 26, and a holistic Rolodex to some around me to this very day. Learning how to cut back on all processed foods due to too new allergies and changes in palate taste has been a big challenge. The spices of life took me by storm since before my discharge after having my Organ transplant at just 12 years old. Learning how to use seasonings has saved my life in more than a few ways and, saved me from unnecessary downtime in life. Nutrition can be complex for some and at the same time can get expensive to keep up with, even more so being a transplant recipient. Having such a diet, it's like a car that runs on premium but, you use regular gas. Sooner than later, problems will arise and then, solutions and opportunities for solutions will become more imperative. This is why I have chosen to go into partnership with Garde of Eden Kingdom Living, Inc. This company puts forth its greatest energies in, adding options for healthier eating and living, so many more may have an enjoyable legacy.


Direct Sale Business Partner


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